About Me

Mission Control Center

Mission Control Center

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Eico and after reading and mostly generating content on Twitter and Facebook I like to create a site with my views, experiences and adventures to share with you.
Why another blog? Well, why not? Since I did not find an answer to this question, here it is: My blog!

So what is the blog all about:

I will mostly write about my two passions: Space and Travel (and anything remotely connected to those topics). Since I have been fortunate enough in having been to many spacey events in the past, I will mix Past and Present.
And while the combination of both topics – a trip to space – has not happened yet (!), there is also the Future.
Sometimes the posts will be personal, sometimes fictional and sometimes factual.

For the start, I work on a irregular update schedule, but aim for weekly monthly 😉 news posts.

All views expressed are mine alone!

(Picture in about.me widget: NASA)

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